Upgrades and Extras

Upgrading gear is key to being competitive according to veteran players. We think its Key to making the most out of your Paintball outing.

We always recommend saving enough money to buy extra balls if you need them..  No Balls,, and your cool upgrades can’t help you…

Barrel upgrade $5

Makes your stock marker about 20% more accurate, saves you paintballs, and it helps you aim straighter

FLASC Precision shooting system $10    **by reservation only


The Flasc Barrel is a 3 piece highly polished paintballers Dream. This is 14 inches of precision shooting greatness

HAVE More Balls !! $30- $40

We can’t sell you courage,, but we do have lots of great paint..   Have enough balls to Win the mission. 10 balls cost $8.85, 500 extra balls is $30 for players that choose one of our packages,  an extra 500 balls is $40 for players that choose the regular admission…or are participating in a party.  if you think your Group will need more then 2000 extra balls, call us and set up a bulk purchase.


Sniper rifle. $10

this gun does shoot a little bit straighter,  but the reason to upgrade is   It Freaking COOL!!  your coming out to have fun ?  Go for it !

Add a Flasc Barrel for only $5 more



Body Armour


Free for children  and Ladies. $5 for everyone else..  if your wearing a jacket,,,  you don’t need one

Paint Grenades Reg $8 Big Boy $10

These are just plain fun,, and they can be pretty intimidating  The spray paint in all direction in about a 5 foot radius. Ask your host for instructions on how to make the most of your paint Grenade experience..   if you only have $10 for extras  ,,, always buy balls…


Big Boy = Big Fun


We keep it real with what we offer for refreshments Reasonable prices and a great selection

We offer Pop $2, Gatorade $2, Chips $1, Chocolate bars $1.50, Water 2/$1



Runs for special events and every other Sunday.   If your group wants to do a BBQ to finish off your day, Just ask us how

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